Trolley wheels and castors

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Since the invention of the wheel (IV century BC) took a huge amount of time, but to this day, we pay due respect to the unknown man who first planted a wooden axle drive and gave him a wedge. We can say that progress was moving along the road of history is on the wheel, which rotates on a device for transporting people and goods, and in the various mechanisms. Development Evolution wheels - is a continuous improvement process as the device itself, which is constantly changed Rim and its coating, and wheel support (bracket), through which the wheel was attached to the object movement. In other words, there is a constant "reinventing the wheel", adapting it to work in a variety of conditions and areas of the economy.

In the field of warehouse logistics and industrial wheels and castors traditionally paid much attention. In the process of transporting various goods on the proper selection and wheel bearings depends efficiency of the enterprise, at first glance quite simple device bears not only the goods, but much of the blame for his safety and the safety of the worker. As a developer of a wide range of warehouse equipment production - Lema Engineering engineering company did not ignore the subject of wheels and castors, which can be found in the domestic market under the brand name familiar to all Lema. In the line of these wheels can be seen not only models, designed for use in normal conditions, but the wheels in a high-performance and electrically insulated. By type wheels are divided into model with aluminum, iron and nylon basics, which are also the type of cooling towers bearing.

Trolley wheels and castors Lema (Lema) intended for use in the field of warehouse logistics, industry and construction, they are available in versions for extra small, small, moderate, large and extra large loads. Most consumers when choosing wheels guided by the value of the rated load, but this approach is not entirely adequate. From wheel model (material processing) depends several parameters affecting the operation of: ease of travel and dampening properties, noise and degree of damage flooring, abrasion resistance and temperature. On the type of wheel bearings depends Wheel option to object movement, agility and the ability to lock in a fixed state.

High ease of movement peculiar wheels made of polyolefin and polyamide elastomer termopoliamidnogo, as well as iron. Average travel easily have polyurethane wheels and polyurethane elastomer and low - rubber, synthetic resin and a thermoplastic elastomer. Above all, adversely affect the safety of the floor covering and provide an increased noise during operation of the wheel of a polyolefin and a polyamide elastomer and termopoliamidnogo iron wheels made from other materials by virtue of their properties significantly less noise and destroys flooring. Most softness achieved using wheels made of soft material having high shock-absorbing properties - of rubber, polyurethane, and thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, but these wheels are most susceptible to corrosion. With regards to the abrasion resistance should be noted that this parameter depends on the quality of the floor covering, so when other suitable characteristics should definitely consider by what sex would drive wheel. The temperature range in which the wheels Lema retain their performance, wide enough for all models, it becomes critical if the wheel will continually work in difficult temperature conditions.

Castors can be made as from a conventional metal, and stainless steel on the correct choice depends on the wheel support structure throughout life, in most cases fails suspension much less than the wheel itself. Steering wheels for this assertion is true with timely service, which is regular inspection for mechanical damage and lubrication of rotating mechanism. Castors are divided into non-rotating and revolving. Toggling supports are rigid with the fork mounting pad, and rotary bearings are divided into a pad (pad is fixed immovably on the moving object, and the plug connected thereto by a rotating mechanism), a bolt with a pin and to be fixed on the bolt. Castors fitted with brakes, wheels allow fixing in position and are divided by type brakes with locking brake and turn the wheel, axial, lateral and double brake, plastic, metal and aluminum double brake and folding twin accelerator pedals brake.

Thus, the line of wheels (swivel and non-rotating wheel Lema (Lema)) and castors Lema allows easy enough to make a choice that provides efficient movement of goods in many diverse areas of management. Tire - it is relatively simple in nature, but at the same time functional mechanism that for centuries facilitated human work and contributed to the development of many technologies and economic processes.