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Beginning of a series of forklifts Fortens combustion engine models put capacity from 2 to 3.5 m, which were presented to the public in early July 2005 Following this machine issued g / n from 1 to 1.6 m, and after about six months for them should join the rest handlers g / n up to 8 tons in the new series includes three options immediately equip - Fortens, Fortens Advance and Fortens Advance +.

(On different models of the series and their design features, see the article Hyster Fortens : more options - higher efficiency", "SiT 10, 2005 )

While these models look identical on the outside, under the hood they are very different from each other. Thus, the "normal Fortens g / n 2.5 m equipped with an internal combustion engine (ICE) with a capacity of 35 kW, the conventional cooling system, electronic automatic transmission (ACT) and drum brakes. But already Fortens Advance + is equipped with 48 kW engine, combined dual-circuit cooling system, as well as electronically adjustable ACT Duramatch with automatic brake system ADS. Duramatch equipped with an electronic control that when changing direction and braking first reduces the speed and torque before the brake work, or change direction. This not only increases by 50% brake life and tires, but also provides smoother shifting and dynamic movement that, according to the firm Hyster, very close to the opportunities that provides a hydrostatic transmission. Besides equipment can precisely meet the conditions and requirements of the application due to a large number of operatives options. For example, models have a choice between the mechanical and electro-hydraulic control hydraulic functions (mini-levers and joystick), which are embedded in the driver's seat armrest.

The basis of the findings of a new design engineers who conducted systematic research primarily causes failures loaders. Results showed that 70% of failures accounted for transmission, electrical, hydraulic and cooling system, so Hyster made these systems are particularly robust and reliable. It seems that a significant investment in nivinki true: the U.S. manufacturer, even under extreme conditions of use gives a guarantee on their cars 2400 hrs

Even before the new items as the series went on, the experts of the German magazine Fo rdern und Heben (F + H, 11, 2005) conducted a test model Fortens Advanse H2.5FT with a gas engine, the results of which we want to present to our readers below . They are all the more interesting that such a solution is not enough to give the manufacturer break in the car for the test was brave enough.

Anticipating the results of the tests, we can say that the new loader reached better results than its predecessor N2.50HM LPG (see F + H 4, 2001, c. 629 ... 631). Onboard electronics machine allows you to adjust almost all truck functions, down to the most minor. To this end, Mazda engine displacement of 2.2 liters with fuel injection and requires minimal maintenance ACT Duramatch connected" to each other a control system that constantly monitors and optimizes the functions of these units. Adjusting the drive line (engine, automatic gearbox, drive) electronically provides hydrodynamic characteristics of the hydrostatic drive model unit.

The main parameters of the truck driver can be set using the dashboard. This system also allows you to control a broad diagnosis of any systems in the form of coded messages. However, numerous possibilities of electronic adjustments somewhat difficult adjustment ideal for testing. Therefore, testing was carried out as usual - on the basis of the factory adjustment, ie, in standard mode 5 (parameters all functions are approximately 50% of their maximum values).

Equipment and usability

Passes test loader in accordance with standard configuration is equipped with circular lights, including warning beacon. Set composed of a lighting apparatus cost LEDs (LED). Mirrors on this model out, but can be installed on request. Steps from both sides of the machine are of sufficient size and positioned at the desired height above the ground, making it easy to pick up the cab.

The driver's seat is manufactured in our own plant and Hyster Company is equipped with two fold-up armrests for easy driver as landing in the cockpit and landing. In addition, we are satisfied with the comfort of an adjustable seat, which provides good lateral stability. His back seemed a little low, but this arrangement had its advantages, because the freedom of movement of the driver when reversing machine is not restricted.

Cockpit floor and was spacious enough and had no disturbing input and output of the overhangs. Typical for Hyster pedal Monotrol absent on this model: instead it was an ordinary pedal "gas". When the machine is moving in reverse, the driver can hold the handle with integrated alternative sound button, which is located on the right rear pillar cab that gives it extra stability and thereby increases safety when driving. Additional comfort is provided by convenient placement papers, pens and a cup holder on the dashboard.

Mast and management

Mini-levers hydraulic functions featured on the right console adjustable seats, have optimal shape and size and allow the jewelry to control the functions of lifting mast. Use the built in arm, lifting mast automatically placed in a vertical or inclined position. This angle stop the mast can be specified using the dashboard. Unfortunately, on-board electronics H2.5FT (with engine Mazda) is not possible through the mini-levers to directly link the lifting speed with engine speed. For this reason, a higher rate of climb than the pre-installed, you need to translate the AKP in the neutral position (to activate the clutch) and press the pedal speed. With pre-installed at the factory adjustments loader generally works quite well. However, experts have found that the tilt speed is set too small, so during the test it was increased (with 5 mode to mode 8). Once this has been achieved the desired tilt speed.

Loader being tested was equipped with custom-made two-piece mast Hyster Company, which differed with good visibility, although the location of hoses and lifting chains did not correspond to our ideas. As to the seizure of cargo, then it was easy to make, as a light red color contrasts well with a fork road. Unfortunately, when lifting carriage integrated forms with built-in lateral shift "dead zone", as a result of this review is limited to a few fork tips.


Joysticks and levers settings chair

Passes test loader was equipped with pneumatic tires, solid tires though sypepelastika out, according to experts, would be the best solution. Pneumatic tires quenched shocks and vibrations on uneven floor, but still gave relatively heavy forklift several "swinging" nature of the movement. When lifting a mass of 1500 kg pneumatic tire is compressed dramatically. In tight corners it was felt that the truck is less stable because of what had to reduce speed. At low speeds due to the friction of tires in the engine failures were observed. To measure the stability of the truck had to overcome a slight rise on arrival on the scales. And here deformed pneumatic tire also cause difficulties. However, this choice should not have a significant negative impact on the stability of the truck. Measurements have shown that the weight distribution to the front and rear axles (based on the weight of the test load on the forks 2470 kg) differed by only 10.86%, which is a very good indicator.


H2.5FT smoothly or quickly lifts weights and intensity accelerates to maximum speed, which ensures a high performance. All parameters of the loader can be set to higher or lower values. However, experience with the machine during the test shows that it is unlikely to significantly improve performance: faster movement implies a sharp slowdown. Positive in the pre-existing regulation is that it provides an economical consumption of the expensive fuel. If we compare the fuel consumption of Fortens Advanse H2.5FT, which was priced at 7.74 l / h, it is still a bit less than the already very economical predecessor M2.50 XM LPG (7,75 l / h).

Control panel

Once the gas tank is empty, replace it needed. This operation was carried out quite easily. Bit uncomfortable was the fact that the mechanism of release and tightening cylinder holder does not operate as easy as expected, but instead of a high-speed connection to the gas cylinder mounted requires quite a lot of effort screw connection.

Ergonomics as a factor productivity

Appearance models Fortens proves that Hyster follows the same trend as the other market leaders today loader must impress not only their reliability, but also the best design. Since ergonomics is an important factor in performance loader, developers noticed that the driver can operate with minimum effort. That this goal was achieved as is evident from the results of research of ergonomics State Center North. Carolina. This institute measured the muscular energy costs in a typical work shift at the 15 drivers employed by five different companies of similar loaders. Fortens model showed the best results - the drivers here were physically loaded than others.

Source: Journal of "Material and Equipment" 11/2006