Stacker. What they are.

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Stacker - the optimal solution for small and medium-sized warehouse. This type of loading equipment is easy to operate and has small dimensions. Cento Group Company supplies electric stackers such modifications:

  • flanged type (hiking operator);
  • with folding footrest for the operator (to move cargo over medium and long distances);
  • with protective cab and seat for the operator;
  • with broad support "legs";
  • without support legs with extended counterweight (to capture capabilities pallets from four sides).

Key Features:

Capacity: 1000 kg to 2000 kg.

Lifting height: 1.6 m to 5.5 m

Aisle AST: from 2.2m

When choosing an electric truck company CENTO GROUP recommended to pay attention to these criteria:

  • flat floor
  • no threshold
  • absence of sharp slope
  • zero temperature for long-term operation stacker.

Manual hydraulic stacker

When using a hydraulic hand truck's movements and cargo handling occur (raise / lower) using physical force, augmenting hydraulic stacker. Load capacity of such models is usually 1.5-2 tons and lifting height reaches 3 meters (2-3 tiers of storage), but in practice, if you frequently lift the load to a height of 1.5 meters, advantageous to use other, more productive types of stackers.

The fact that the lifting height of the load on the swing arm takes place, as well as on pallet truck, but the difference is that here the amount of the wobble and can be much larger up to 70 at a considerable height lift. Of course, this affects the operation speed. In this type of stackers is the lowest.

Manual hydraulic stacker is useful for a small cargo traffic - 30-40 pallets per shift. With its help it is possible to handle the load and buy more expensive electric stackers.

The manual hydraulic stacker - a few simple and reliable engineering solutions: a sturdy frame made of stainless steel, the hydraulic system with chain drive, which transmits the motion to the forks. With substantial lift height (more than 2.5 m) used lifting mechanism with telescopic mast. Important part of the design manual stacker castors are fitted with bearings and brakes (rear wheels only).

For wheels trolley truck used different materials such as polyamide, polyurethane, nylon. They have different characteristics of wear resistance, rolling resistance and noise. For each specific warehouse need to select the most suitable option.

Advantages of this solution:

  • Affordable price;
  • Easy to operate;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Easy to use, and require special skills.


  • Limited height;
  • Low speed;
  • Need to use muscular strength;
  • Sensitivity to the quality of the flooring.

Propelled stackers

More expensive and productive model than manual stackers with electric lift. Moving and lifting / lowering of cargo at the slave automated stacker, but when moving the operator walks behind stacker. This solution gives the design flexibility and lowers the price.

The main difference from self-propelled stackers with a platform for the operator of such slaves propelled stackers - their price (they are several times more affordable).

Maximum load capacity can reach 6 feet and weighs two tons of cargo. This is a very serious indicators, which together with a high speed can satisfy the needs of most storage facilities on the territory of Russia.

These electric stackers are very convenient to use, since all the controls are in the hands of the operator. All transactions are movements of the hands and fingers.
Propelled stacker platform for the operator

Most technologically advanced and expensive design makes it appropriate use of these devices only in warehouses with more freight traffic - more than 150 pallets per shift. Thanks capacious battery packs they can operate without recharging for several days, quickly moving through the warehouse. Their speed is not limited to walking speed of the operator, since it has a special step or a full stall.

Self-propelled platform stacker Pallet stacker move at speeds of 8-10 km / h, can lift up to two tons of cargo to a height of 4-6 meters (normal version) and up to 12 meters (in a high performance).

Pluses propelled stackers with a platform for the operator:

  • High speed moving and lifting;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Quiet;
  • Lift height up to 12 meters.


  • The high price of self-propelled truck with a platform for the truck operator;
  • Low maneuverability.

Stackers with electric lifting

Very efficient solution with an average cargo traffic warehouse (100-150 pallets per shift). In stackers physical force is applied only to move cargo and lifting electrified. This greatly improves the storage stackers and reduces the burden on staff.

These stackers are designed for lifting height of 2.5-3 meters, the maximum permissible load mass - and a half tons.

Management manual stacker is done by control handle that can be rotated in any direction. Also on it are located necessary for lifting and lowering button. All cargo handling occur in several steps, simple and do not require much effort.

Optional equipment of this type of hydraulic stackers can serve speed control ascent / descent, auxiliary brake, the battery charge and others.

Scope stackers - are small and medium-sized warehouses with the average number of lines, and the same average freight traffic.

Pros solutions:

  • High speed operation;
  • Low price (relative to self-propelled stackers);
  • Maneuverability;
  • Easy to operate.


  • Limited height;
  • Not always sufficient capacity.

Electric stacker

Stacker (self) can significantly accelerate the process of storing a large volume of work in the warehouse, fitted shelving. They are the ideal solution if you are looking for a safe and simple to operate equipment. Unlike hydraulic stackers, electric do not require the use of physical force.

Total there are three types of self-propelled stacker:

  • followed by electric stackers;
  • electric stacker with folding platform for the operator;
  • propelled stackers cab for the operator.

Accompanied by electric stackers. This is the easiest type of self-propelled stackers, controlled by rotary knob. Operator walks beside the machine and regulates the movement. Depending on the model and the manufacturer, electric stackers can be equipped with additional equipment. Such equipment includes: control speed lift (if you frequently work with fragile cargoes) mode dial movement speed self-propelled stackers, etc. Most models are equipped with automatic braking system, which operates in a collision with any obstacles or in the case of loss of control. Many propelled stackers can change the height of the initial Lift that makes it easier to work on uneven surfaces or facilitate the movement of two pallets simultaneously.

Stacker with footrest for the operator. Movement speed of stackers can reach 8 km / h, depending on the weight. If staff have to work in close quarters with narrow aisles between the shelves, steps propelled stackers can be folded and is operated by means of the handle. For safe operation, the operator platform is equipped with handrails (guards). Electric stackers are ideal for transportation of goods over a distance of 40-70 meters. For large distances recommended propelled stacker cab.

Propelled stacker cab. As, in fact, the best solution for the warehouse with a large volume of work, the group stacker has one significant drawback - high price. Throughout the rest of these self-propelled stackers out of competition. With their help, you can quickly and efficiently handle the load, perform any movement of pallets without attracting additional staff to work. Cabins propelled stackers effectively protect operators from all sides, thus avoiding accidents in stock. This class is distinguished by high electric stacker movement speed (up to 15 km / h) and Lift. As is the case with electric carts, motorized stacker can be equipped with additional equipment. You can also order stackers modified to work in low temperatures and to resist extreme temperature changes.

Due to the high performance and unique technical characteristics, price propelled stackers quickly pays for itself by saving time and human resources.

A special group of special electric stackers. They are designed to work with a particular type of goods and in certain conditions. Manufacturers, along with popular universal technique, attempting to satisfy the demand for specialized propelled stackers. For example, this technique can be designed to work in cold rooms or in rooms with high humidity. Special group - narrow aisle electric stackers. The operator can easily operate it in tight aisles of the warehouse without leaving the cabin. In this cabin can be at ground level or rise with the load. For ease of management, self-monitor and stackers are equipped with a video camera that allows you to monitor the movement of the cabin lift the load.

  • hydraulic hand and foot electric carts;
  • electric carts equipped platform or operator cabin;
  • narrow aisle stackers;
  • reach trucks and order pickers;
  • spare parts for trucks and electric stackers.