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OOO "the St Group" - a trading company that offers its customers loading equipment manufacturers such:

The company "Cento Group" offers a range of loading equipment, among which the most sought after diesel, gas and electric forklift trucks, which can equally well be used for storage terminals, distribution centers, manufacturing sites, etc.

Handlers are installed on only the best components.

  • Ergonomic design.
    Poor location steps from both sides, and convenient handrails provide unhindered access output operator from the cab. Broad hanging chair provides comfort for the operator. Hydraulic control levers and reverse course are within easy reach of the operator. Wide floor loader conveniently located pedal provides optimum control and safe operation. Rubber mat and quality materials cab reduce vibration and operator fatigue.
  • Mast with a broad overview.
    The mast is thus to provide a wide forward visibility to the operator. Mast rollers rotate freely under load and pressure rollers provide additional lateral support. Freight and pressure rollers externally adjustable, provides the correct location of the mast and the cabin. Hydraulic hoses are located behind the rails, thus they are protected from damage and do not overlap review.
  • Reliable hydraulic system.
    For operator safety and performance of cargo handling is extremely important application of high-quality hydraulic hoses, fittings and steel pipes. In all hydraulic cylinders use high quality seals that do not leak and pressure loss. In the main lift cylinder has a throttle valve, avoiding rapid Lowering with load in case the system pressure loss occurs. Fully adjustable steering wheel provides an opportunity for operators of different sizes and provides additional comfort. Power steering provides precise control and easy maneuverability in tight spaces, reducing operator fatigue and stress.
  • Environmentally friendly trucks.
    Diesel and gas-petrol engines manufactured using advanced technologies are certified EPA Tier 3 and EU stage IIIA, conform to the requirements of the California Council for the Protection Air Resources Board (CARB) on harmful emissions. These high-performance engines have lower fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Engine enclosures open back, providing adequate access to the engine compartment, and rising floor plate provides easy access to the components of the transmission.
  • Electrical.
    Illuminated instrument panel is conveniently located in relation to the angle of view of the operator. LCD monitor allows you to monitor important parameters mechanisms and electric vehicle systems, including travel speed and time. Monitor with built-in diagnostics for easy operation and lower maintenance costs. Improved wiring harness includes waterproof connectors in the housing and multiple-fuse block for increased security and reliability of electronic circuits.
  • Modern cooling system.
    All-aluminum radiator core ensures constant control engine coolant temperature due to faster heat dissipation. Maximum air flow passing through the counterweight, provides better cooling radiator engine coolant and oil automatic transmission. Fan blade made of composite material, which is a new development, provides the best air flow through the tunnel cooling system creates less noise and does not distract the operator.
  • Maintenance.
    Forklifts have a high operational flexibility, as replacement parts can be easily replaced during maintenance.
  • Large capacity;
  • High maneuverability;
  • Affordable price.

It is no exaggeration to say that diesel trucks - is an essential machinery for businesses. These machines under the force of the decision to implement any task loading and unloading. Diesel trucks are able to operate for a long time in the toughest conditions. Full security, ease of maintenance make these diesel trucks optimal solution for intensive use.

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NEW Forklifts

NEW Forklifts

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