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Mobile hydraulic ramps RAMPLO

General description

Mobile ramps Mobile hydraulic ramps RAMPLO sales of hydraulic ramps in Kiev

Mobile ramps RAMPLO series is a special device for loading / unloading. This product allows you to greatly increase the loading / unloading of cargo.

Authorized production ramps located in Ukraine and is equipped with all the necessary basic and auxiliary equipment. Product quality in line with European, as evidenced by constant orders from EU countries and America.

How it works:

Loader lifts the edge of the ramp (there is a special place to grab a tight coupling) and shows up with the truck. With manual hydraulics one person holding the handle of the hydraulic pump, exposes ramp height to the desired level (minimum 890 mm, maximum 1640 mm). After installing the ramp securely fastened with two chains to the truck, and the wheels are fixed on the movement of lock brakes (chain and lock brakes are supplied with a ramp), then calls in a forklift with a load (pallet, box) on the surface of the mobile ramp directly inside the truck or container. Thus all the operations of loading / unloading may hold only one person - the driver of a forklift. Accordingly released another longshoreman who had previously pulled up using rokly pallets from / to the edge of the truck.

As a result, the hydraulic lifter accelerates unloading / loading, saving labor costs, accelerates logistics processes and finally leads to increased profits.


dimensions hydraulic ramps

# Model I H C L D O N X Load, tons
1 RL-MR-STD6 8010 2230 270 10510 1990 2230 890 1640 6
2 RL-MR-STD8 8010 2230 270 10510 1990 2270 890 1640 8
3 RL-MR-STD10 8510 2430 270 11210 1990 2310 890 1640 10
4 RL-MR-STD12 8510 2430 270 11210 1990 2350 890 1640 12
5 RL-MR-SML6 8010 730 270 9010 1990 2230 890 1640 6
6 RL-MR-SML8 8010 730 270 9010 1990 2270 890 1640 8
7 RL-MR-SML10 8510 730 270 9510 1990 2310 890 1640 10
8 RL-MR-SML12 8510 730 270 9510 1990 2350 890 1640 12
9 RL-MR-CHP6 8010 730 270 9010 1590 1820 890 1640 6
10 RL-MR-CHP8 8010 730 270 9010 1590 1860 890 1640 8
11 RL-MR-CHP10 8510 730 270 9510 1590 1900 890 1640 10
12 RL-MR-CHP12 8510 730 270 9510 1590 1940 890 1640 12
13 RL-MR-THN6 8010 2230 270 10510 1590 1830 890 1640 6
14 RL-MR-THN8 8010 2230 270 10510 1590 1870 890 1640 8
15 RL-MR-THN10 8510 2430 270 11210 1590 1910 890 1640 10
16 RL-MR-THN12 8510 2430 270 11210 1590 1950 890 1640 12
17 RL-MR-BIG6 9210 2530 270 12010 1990 2230 890 1640 6
18 RL-MR-BIG8 9210 2530 270 12010 1990 2270 890 1640 8
19 RL-MR-BIG10 9910 2830 270 13010 1990 2310 890 1640 10
20 RL-MR-BIG12 9910 2830 270 13010 1990 2350 890 1640 12

* Marked in red the main differences from the standard models STD

Extras (not included in the standard configuration).

# Reg. Number Name No.
A1 OPT-8-2SL Outriggers adjustable heat. 8t, set the ramp 1 pair
A2 OPT-8-3SW +
Side hinged bridges for trilateral unloading heat.
8t each mounted on a ramp with legs *.
* Bridges without support legs OPT-8-2SL the ramp is not installed
Set on 3 sides and legs

Competitive advantages ramps RAMPLO

  1. European standards. Manufacture the best European directives (The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC) and standards ("Dock levellers - Safety requirements" EN 1398:2009). High quality mobile ramps united to Europe, America and the CIS.
  2. Modern hydraulics. Robust manual hydraulics using modern pumping stations, allowing to raise the ramp to the maximum with a minimum of effort and time. We use a hydraulic system as a principle of operation of the lifting ramps so as hydraulics provides a wide operating range (in our ramps min 0,9 m - max 1,65 m unlike min 1,2 m max 1,5 m in compared models.) For example at low loader trucks height of 0.95-1.05 meters, also cars that have lowered the rear cushion body height is about 1.05-1.15 m Accordingly only mobile ramps RAMPLO give the opportunity to work with the full range of cargo transport.
  3. Smooth running. Also thanks to the hydraulic system provides a smoother ride unloading / loading. When loading and unloading, mobile ramps RAMPLO are integral with truck transport. When the loader, driving along the ramp mobile calls in the body, the body naturally sags under the weight of the truck. Hydraulics, the level of the bridge ramp RAMPLO always level with the body, so no jumps. For example, a truck height of 1200 mm, after the arrival of the truck loader level, body sags up to 1100 mm. Hydraulic system adjusts the height of the ramp up to the current level of body height (1100 mm), so when the truck leaves the body on the ramp, he does not have to overcome the difference in height of the body and the bridge ramp.

    In mechanical systems can not climb smooth adjustment level heights, so when you work for the loading / unloading truck constantly "jumping" from / to rail / box that is bad for the suspension system of transport, and for the longevity of the truck. Another important factor is the fact that the jump shakes pallet loader (box) and can damage the packaging and even the safety of the cargo.
  4. Qualitative roadway. Roadway surface of our ramp is made ??of porous flooring that provides excellent traction wheel loader even in severe frosts. An additional advantage of the mesh flooring that water, snow, dirt and harmful substances through the bars fall to the ground without staying on the road surface.
  5. Ergonomics. RAMPLO In mobile ramps level height adjustment occurs in only one place - the hydraulic pump, so the employee is required to move to another jack, both in mechanical ramps (2 rack jack).
  6. Ease of movement of the ramp. Spec. device for a solid connection through which the truck can carry a ramp as forward (push) or backward (pull). This enables operational maneuver even in a small area.
  7. Low prices and satisfied customers.

Basic principles of high quality

1. Used hydraulic cylinders and hoses manufactured by leading enterprises in the CIS. This hydraulic expensive on average 2 times than normal or Chinese, but very high quality. We do not save on quality for our customers.

Competitive advantages ramps RAMPLO

2. To pressurize the system uses hydraulic pumps with a maximum operating pressure of 200 atmospheres. Similar pumps are used in hydraulic units of heavy vehicles and industrial hydraulic systems.

characteristics of mobile ramps

3. Roadway surface ramp is made of special anti-slip thickened lathing that provides excellent traction wheel loader in any weather. Pass freely through it water, mud, snow, aggressive compound, so the use of ramps RAMPLO reliability and durability.

Roadway surface ramp

4. As the wheels are special puncture-Automotive wheel diameter of 500 mm. Therefore RAMPLO ramp can be used on a variety of surfaces (concrete, asphalt and even solid ground).

sale of mobile ramps

5. On both sides of the roadway shoulders fencing installed height of 200 mm, which prevents Congress loader plane ramp.

buy mobile ramp

6. At work, the ramp is fixed to the truck with chains, thereby preventing arbitrary departure from the ramp truck.

7. Fixing ramp also duplicated using chocks.

Mobile ramps in Kiev

8. On the edge of the protective collar, from the outside, special signal applied markings for better visibility at night and in fog.

Mobile ramps to order

9. Each client receives a ramp 2 copies instructions, where in a simple and accessible format describes how the use of mobile ramps. Basic steps in the application of the ramp displayed in illustrated form.

use of mobile ramps

10. Production is carefully spent on documentation and to the best European standards (EU Machinery Directive, EU standard EN 1398:2009). High quality mobile ramps RAMPLO united to Europe, America and Ukraine.

Production of mobile ramps

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