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Company "Cento Group" does not get tired surprising wide variety of methods of purchasing warehouse equipment. You can buy warehouse equipment immediately take it on credit or leasing. The company also offers a new service "Trade-in".

Trade-in today - familiar to most owners of vehicles, including forklifts, its replacement scheme to the new technology. It's no secret that the cost of servicing each year forklift operation increases, as well as the possibility of downtime during maintenance. Trade-in can solve this problem very easily, because in this case no need to allocate for the purchase of an amount equivalent to the cost of a new truck.

Trade-in when you get several benefits:

  • renewal of forklifts;
  • Use your old park trucks and elektropgruzchikov as means of payment, regardless of its condition;
  • saving money;
  • intensification of production through more efficient use of new forklifts and reduce operating costs.

Consequently, Trade in - a convenient and progressive form of the purchase of new truck.

Mark forklift leasing - is the best financial solution for organizations and entrepreneurs for whom tomorrow starts today and for which business development - it is a priority.

With this program you can lease forklifts today to provide your business with modern and quality warehouse equipment at affordable rates!

Leasing - quick and affordable financial solution for each enterprise to enhance and upgrade the park loading equipment!

Also, you have provided opportunity to buy warehouse equipment on credit!

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