Diesel trucks

Very hard to imagine at least one branch of modern industry, which would be easy to get along without the use of forklifts. Mostly loaders used: Вилочный дизельный погрузчик

  • warehouses of various types;
  • finds wide application in the field of trade;
  • the agricultural sector;
  • in ports;
  • customs terminals;
  • in manufacturing plants.

The most common type of loaders today are diesel trucks - a kind of fork lift trucks and forklifts that is working on an internal combustion engine.

Diesel Forklifts most widely used for the movement of goods between places of storage and vehicles for stacking goods and transport them within the industrial areas. Diesel forklifts are easy to use and durable, and in case of breakage any spare parts can be easily replaced during maintenance.

This loader is the most economical option for trucks, as it is considerably cheaper than filling petrol and fuel consumed is much more economical. In addition, unlike electric forklifts, diesel does not require periodic recharging.


    Diesel Forklift 1.0-2.0 m.                       Diesel trucks 2.0-3.0 m

    Diesel trucks greater than 5.0              Diesel trucks 3.0-5.0 m